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Junior Mavs-Volleyball

 Lil Mavs Volleyball

Travel Teams
Travel Team Levels
Regional Level
Regional Teams will travel to 7-8 tournaments with most of them being in Indianapolis area, possibly outside of the state and local. They will start practicing in the beginning of December and conclude at the end of marach when TSC spring break occurs. Coaches at this level may add extra practices if schedules and gym space allows to prepare for competition on the weekends. Training will still be the primary emphasis with a push on competing at a higher level. Teams may be placed in more competitive tournaments to help them learn the process of success against tougher competition. Competition will be designed to help teams learn to be successful as a team over individual success. 
Local Level
Local Teams will travel to 5-6 tournaments with some of them being in Indianapolis area and some local. They will start practicing in the beginning of January and conclude at the end of March when TSC Spring Break Occurs. Coaches at this level may add extra practices as needed for extra training or touches for preparation of competition. Training is the primary emphasis and focus with an introduction to competing well at the next level. Competition will be designed to help teams learn to be successful as a team over individual success.
Fee Structure
Tryout Fee: $25 non-refundable and will be collected at registration before the athlete can participate in her first tryout. Cash or Checks made out to Lil Mavs Volleyball can be collected.
The fee structure includes coaching, court time, insurance, 2 practice shirts, tournaments and any clinics offered by Lil Mavs club – all current players will get to participate for free. Items not included in the amounts listed above are uniforms, volleyball, coach travel expenses and any a la carte items individuals may purchase. Uniforms will be the same to help save money each year. Payments will be done through Lil Mavs Volleyball, Gear Munciana and Knoy Apparel.
Online payments can be done through our website. We recommend this process to ensure that payment is made on time. We will also accept checks made out to Lil Mavs VB.  We will NOT accept cash as payment. It is very important that all families do their best to stay on track of the payment plan. Please notify us if you may need adjustments to fulfill the total amount within the season.
Required Forms
Click on the Link for a printable PDF.

Travel teams (12U – 14U) will train two-three times a week of 2 – 2 ½ hours. They will primarily develop not only individual skills, but also a competitive nature on the court through tournaments. Most rosters will not exceed 10 players. Playing time is not guaranteed on these teams; however, it is in our interest to train each player equally. Although competing to win is part of the game, training is our mission. The focus will be on skill development first, with a small emphasis on team success. Teams will be based on grade instead of age and then their abilities. We will be providing two different levels for our travel teams. The two levels are based on what the team can commit to as a whole for the season and NOT necessarily ability. Some coaches may decide the team needs more training versus competition or vice versus based on the team’s ability as a whole. Our goal is to ensure there is improvement in each individual and team creating the best training and competitive schedule based on where each girl is at ability wise.

Tryout and Registration Process

Travel teams – The non-refundable tryout fee of $25 will be collected before the athlete’s first tryout and is used to pay for tryout procedures. This fee is separate from club payments.

  • To Register: Please head to the website and do the online registration. This will help us know who is trying out and give us accurate numbers. ALL forms that need to be filled out for registration can be printed from the website.
  • Paperwork can be filled out ahead of time by printing the forms found on the website under the Travel Teams Tab or under the Online Registration tab.
  • Registration will be 2 hours before the first tryout and 1 hour before other tryouts. All forms need to be completed, handed in and each athlete must try on samples to get sizes.
  • Tryouts will consist of physical testing, skill evaluation, positional evaluation and competitive wash drills. These will be used to place players accurately on a team based on their abilities and mental aspect of the game.
  • Offer emails will be sent out 24 hours after the last tryout. Each player will have 48 hours to respond to the offer with a yes or no.

Uniform Package

Lil Mavs will be using Knoy Apparel, a local company, to provide our program shirts and uniforms. Gear Munciana, located in Muncie, IN, will provide the al a carte items to ensure each athlete has access to purchase proper equipment necessary for volleyball athletes. Each travel team will receive a tryout shirt to use for practices and 2 practice shirts as part of the club fees.

What is required: Each athlete must purchase a molten volleyball and 2 uniforms, 1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve purchased for tournament playing. The girls are to bring their volleyball they purchase to each tournament to use for warm-ups and to practices to ensure we have enough to train each team. Instead of having it part of the club fees, it is separate to allow athletes to reuse what they purchased the previous season. Only NEW members of Lil Mavs will be required to make these purchases; however, any one can re-order these items each season.