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Junior Mavs-Volleyball

 Lil Mavs Volleyball

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone make a team at tryouts?
Not necessarily BUT our goal is to train each player that walks in through our doors. We place each player where we believe she will benefit the most in improving as an athlete, while making sure teams are created with the wellbeing of the athletes and club in mind. If we do not think the player will succeed in our training or on a team, the player may not be given an offer to be on a team.

What are the travel policy and coach travel expenses?
Lil Mavs believes in families traveling together. This allows parents to be responsible for their children, so the coach can focus on coaching. Our coach travel expenses will be .50 per mile for traveling to tournaments. This mainly affects those traveling to Indianapolis area. All local tournaments have no costs.

Does my daughter have to play in her age group?
Since Lil Mavs is a feeder club program, the teams will be based on grade versus age. However, if we feel a player will benefit better with her age, we will make adjustments. Our goal is to prepare the players based on the level they will be competing in the school year: Middle school vs. High school.

Can my daughter play in other sports or participate in other extra-curricular activities during the season?
Absolutely! We believe athletes learn valuable skills from playing other sports. We also understand that our players are young and have so much more to experience at the middle school or elementary levels in other extra-curricular activities as well. All we ask is that schedules are communicated early and often with the coach. This will help us plan practices and tournaments accordingly.

Why will my daughter benefit from this program?
Being a feeder base club, the benefits are huge especially in the athlete’s preparation for high school competition. Our desire is to help our community have opportunities to experience volleyball year-round and to improve in the game. Your daughter will also improve at an early age with our training core group and start seeing changes before her first middle school match. Most importantly, we want your daughter love the game and create friendships with her teammates and fellow club members.