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Junior Mavs-Volleyball

 Lil Mavs Volleyball

About Us
Mission and Philosophies
The Lil Mavs program is dedicated to promoting the sport of volleyball through the development of its athletes from the beginner to the elite volleyball player. Our goal is not only to develop our athletes through first class technical and tactical training, but also to provide lessons in character building and sportsmanship, while also providing a fun and nurturing environment for our athletes to reach their full potential.

Program Philosophy
We are dedicated to promoting wellness in every facet of our players’ lives, including strength and conditioning, nutrition, proper rest and time-efficient travel. This allows our student-athletes the opportunity to grow, improve and ultimately excel in many areas of life. We will advance our philosophy throughout the coaching staff to provide all of our players and families with a great training experience at our program. We believe in helping young athletes reach their potential and advance to the highest level of performance that they wish to pursue. Lil Mavs expects teamwork, sportsmanship and a positive attitude from every player and coach as key steps to success!

Training Philosophy
We aim to focus on the most important element of long-term growth in the sport of volleyball, which is the training and development of individual skills.
For all of our levels whether it is our travel club teams or our training core groups, skill development is a greater priority than wins and losses. The focus on skill development with an emphasis on team preparation, allows these teams to be successful when competition comes. Developing the all-around athlete is key with younger age athletes and we strive to be successful in this aspect of the game of volleyball.
In volleyball, where each player must master many different individual skills, quality repetitive training and discipline is the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Our entire training philosophy is based on individual player development, with an emphasis on teamwork. This philosophy is being proven best by the success our McCutcheon Lady Mavs are having now and will continue to strive to have.

Why Play Club or Train

There are numerous reasons to play club volleyball or train especially at a young age. It is designed for players just wanting to make their high school team to the players who are just starting out. Lil Mavs gives those athletes an avenue to develop their skills in a competitive environment and learn to love the sport of volleyball. Players will benefit from first class coaching and match experience at a variety of levels.

Why Lil' Mavs Program

Supporting the organization is the McCutcheon High School coaching staff; who is very excited to work with the many Mavs within the community. Through participation in the Lil Mavs Volleyball program, athletes will learn a wealth of knowledge, technique, and skill for future success in their volleyball endeavors. Practices include individual and team driven drills. With that experience, competitions will allow them to have real game experience.

Lil Mavs is for those who may want to experience their initial interest in the sport of volleyball or those athletes who have played in the past on a team or just in camps. From second grade to eight grade Lil Mavs is a great place to not only learn the fundamentals of volleyball, but also have a positive and great experience in doing so.

Our program’s goal is to have each player finish the season having developed as a person, volleyball player and athlete. The coaches are viewed as teachers, role models and leaders for the young ladies they interact with and strive to work with student-athletes to be successful through strong work ethic, teamwork and performing with integrity.

We also know that time and financial commitment can be overwhelming at times when it comes to off season commitments in volleyball clubs. Our goal is to provide the same training and competition environment for the athletes in our community right in their backyard. One of our top priorities with this program is to keep the costs and travel time down to allow families to have time for each other and other commitments in every day life. Volleyball is one part in your daughter’s life and we want her to enjoy it while being able to enjoy other experiences of growing up.